oars in my hands like an extension of my arms
i push water past the rowboat
propelling us on the shining waters of lake sheldrake

it is late summer, warm but with the slightest hint of fall in the air, sunshine...blue sky, you know the kind of day

Birdie, Jay, Sam and I row us all with great strength across lake sheldrake
enjoying the use of my arm muscles
if i could row us all to safety
i would row Birdie free of cancer
i would row some joy into Jay
and row Sam's hair back into his head
but alas the shore recedes like Sam's hairline

by Joanie Sobsey

Comments (2)

A Joanie Poem is beautiful to read Her words and thoughts are like the seeds They scatter near they scatter far They grow in places high and low They germinate where the winds do blow Shes a big hearted woman with a beautiful soul.
Beautiful, whimsical analogy. Sometimes we do wish we could be a little less helpless to help the people we care about. You cover a lot of territory here in your little rowboat, from sickness to joy to hair loss. Good work.