Poem By Sheila Knowles

I find
oases in strange places
the jewel inside each fool
the drift in every rift
the gold in words untold
the hidden lining shining
the smile beneath the guile
some gain in every pain
the cream in every dream

but I cannot
seem to see

the good in you

Comments about Oases

Great stuff. Wonderfully hopeless bitter twist in the last four lines but it would have had more punch if those last lines shaped up to the form of the foregoing ones. I suspect you gave up trying to do this. Please have another go - even if just for this humble admirer
I like this. I like the bounce of the words both phonetic as well as visually. But something about reading it leaves me feeling melancholy.
Hya Sheila! Great poetry as usual! Never get tired of your poems! Loved every word! Luv from Katie xoxoxoxo
Lovely double internal rhymes and a neat satisfying ending. Very good
Well put........ Rick

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4,9 out of 5
8 total ratings

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