Oasis In The Base

Oasis in the base

It was hard for me to
-hear word "Oasis"
-being name to club
-for workers of "US"
-in the heart of Iran
-but closed to us, all
-even the officers
-unless went as a guest!

That was in Vahdati
-a base for the air force
-planned, built, by Yankees.

And what for?

Now I see same plans
-in Iraq and elsewhere
-am sure but do wonder
-which person is asking:

And what for?

Pentagon and Senate

All in all, Washington…

Have been; act as devil…

Their plan:
- "Destroy…Confidence
-and bring Reliance
-to nations; pretend
-that we are good friends! ! !

This is what we saw then
-and feel it once again
-in Iraq and Riyadh
-as well as in Bagram
-and many more bases…
-everywhere: "And what for? "

by Nassy Fesharaki

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