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Oasis Of Paradise
VF (03/23/1971 / Bronx, NY)

Oasis Of Paradise

There is a place i see
When i close my eyes
Where the rivers run free
As they race the summer skies

I see hills that stand together
Around corn stalks in the field
While children play
Their children games
That only peace can yield

At night i see the many stars
That are grander than the sea
I hear songs of wind and tree
That are whispered in melody

And in this dream i see a path
That i always seem to walk
Where i can open up my thoughts
Give my mind its chance to talk

And every now and then
I find a thirsty soul to feed
Where from my father's hand
He takes life's water free

As i turn to my side
To see if you are there
I am comforted by the thought
That this life you chose to share

But as the night returns to day
And the sun begins to rise
I am stolen from my dream
Back to a land of sad reprise

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