HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)


i swear by my heart..
that i am loving you..
and never love anther one, except you..
never sleep without remembering you..
to let you come to my lovely dreams..

swear by my pen...
that never write a love word..
just only to you, whom i loved within heart and mind...
my pen which all what i have now..
by my pen which i writing with to you..
that lovely and great word..
love you my angel...

swear by my eyes..
that never look to any one..
never to see any one beauty..
only you, whom you are the beauties one in my eyes..
my eyes, which refuse to dream..
only about you...

swear by my chest, ..
that never to hug any one..
only you, my lovely baby..

swear and swear, ,
that i will let you feel tha happiness in your life with me..
and never to let any one hurt you any more..

swear by my heart..
by my pen..
by my eyes..
and by my chest, ,
that i love you, and never to forget or leave you..
o my sweetheart...

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