Darkness And Delight

delightful the darkness is,
as the ice fills my soul with happiness,
my sword sharp as the razor that cuts my skin,
the fire entering my feet as powerful as a navy fleet,
the storms surrounding me giving me sorrow,
as all is dim and full of sadness.

by Nicholas Spandrel

Comments (4)

Ha ha Ha! i really enjoyed this one so different poem. As a new member this poem was a chance reading because of curiosity. Am i glad i did it. I did so much need to break my smile into a laugh. What an imagination! ! Lovely. Oi 'ad a 'eck of a toime, he said, more or less, ha ha... Oi 've Otmeal too with you.
I don't usually like long poems, but was fascinated by this one. What an imagination! I was attracted to the title in the first place because I have a poem OATMEAL OMELET. Oh, wait, I think I changed the title to STRANGE FOODS: OATMEAL OMELET.
It's interesting how different this version is from the version in a book we have - purchased at a reading by Galway Kinnell. He autographed that particular poem at the time. There are extra lines in the version above.
The wording should be with God's reckless wobble not with a reckless, shining wobble.