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Poem By Adriane Hunt

let’s begin at the start

“as your grandfather lay asleep, for me to be free
it all began in my head, kids & husband would be the death of me”
a granddaughter’s love, guilt and shame
often time wondered, if i was part of the strain

she couldn’t take hold of the actions, not even her thoughts
an overbearing mother, father with alcoholic bouts
as she ascends will she be at rest, she lies very still, sublime
will the slicing subside, or does she cut in her mind

i kept this secret unwillingly, i remember you so caring and kind
this world, you blended in so perfectly i love you so much
i remember as a young girl, i stood by and watched
a life of suffering, just begging to be caught

“the cuts aren’t too deep, there’s a small release
with 50 plus years, i’ve captured a little peace”
she played the role, it was not always her intention
a life immersed in burdens, “just one more incision”

how did you explain, covered arms, stomach, thighs
i write this pissed off, a family full of lies
a life full of God, it all seemed very smart
forgive me for my crassness, our life created by your design

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