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Obama's Challenge
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Obama's Challenge

Poem By Bill Grace

The challenge for our new President
Is to see beyond bad theology.
Especially our visual ones,
To think problems through to a third level,
To help us all be a little more safe,
A little less arrogant,
A little more true to what America might mean
If we were a little less of a consumption machine.

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Comments (3)

Somehow, I don't think he got your message.
I am sure he will rise to the challenge... perhaps those weapons of mass destruction are actually MacDonalds & the like? ? ? He would eliminate some consumption... not so sure he would be very popular though ; -)
Hmmm, as a politics hating Brit I find I have to tread carefully when commenting on American politics when there is an American in earshot! I think you may be of a more reflective nature than mnay I have met, well written. My belief is that he is but one man and the 'machine' is big, heavy, and people are crunchy.