Obama's Song

Today, on this day, we have a new leader,
role model, a stellar choice
for those who can not raise their voice.

We come together as many whispers
To speak the name Obama,
As we all grow from his calm presence and strength
The decibel becomes louder and louder.

Across countries, over seas and continents
Even before the angels spoke the name Barack to his parents,
His destiny was foretold and written,
Before segregation was forbidden,
Before interracial relationships even existed.

Now he is bringing together nations
Through his diplomacy and family relations.
Diversity, adversity, prosperity and honor of responsibility
Are the strong ideals and principles he brings to the presidency
In a time that is war worn and filled with economical uncertainty.

His amazing grace, his charismatic stance
Are reminiscent of great leaders of the past.
His future so luminous and with promise so full
He’ll lead our country to King’s dream fulfilled.

On this day in history we have come together in solidarity.
We have united yet again because we are proud, hopeful Americans.
The prayers will be many; the road will be long as we enthusiastically sing Obama’s song.

by Cassandra Boyd

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wonderful............. a poem full of present history that people will be interested to read especially in the future. Thanks
love this great poem! ! ! Please if you get time can you read a few of my poems especially the poems called: 'Morning Sun' and 'Heaven Please' Thank you so much and God Bless!