(027) Little Mermaid

O Little mermaid!

I still live
because of you
and I am still in love,
just because of you!

I met you last
summer vacation,
on a sea shore…
Remember the lovely breeze
playing with your
black cascade
and the sun
lost in your eyes!

Alone in thoughts,
I live in this city
and the winter pierce
my woolen clothes.
Afraid of my eyes
loosing vision,
but even in
any stark darkness,
I can see you
through your eyes!

My ears melt in noise,
but even in any ocean of noise
I can listen to your heart...
You know it beats for me...
The sweet melodies you were singing,
make waves in mind,
though I couldn't understand,
love made it clear!

When feeling your face in mind,
me being on the top of a mountain,
watching the lovely moon,
floating on the lake down,
playing with the ripples,
but my moon is bitter
without you!

In nothingness everything exists,
but in you: the whole world!
Cosmic sound echoes in your silence,
and I know you are nothing but love!
Sometimes I pilgrim through your mind,
that makes everything pleasant,
that makes me feel cared
and your love is something
that soothes my soul!

We love and live for love,
we love and live for the world!
But the wounds they give,
who is going to heel?

I am going to tell the world,
You are love…love...love...
We love and live for love,
we love and live for the world!
O Little mermaid!


Dedicated to Usha Uthup, The singer of love from Calcutta. It is only because of you, I started writing poetricks. This is my first poem…
I thank you with my soul…

by premji premji

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To much info..............................Dave
Very informative but.............entertaining too! What a combination! I will admit to doing every diet known to man....atkins/metabolife/exersize/small portions/ you name it......I've tried it! I finally have just decided I have to learn to be 'healthy' instead of worrying about being 'thin'. Your 'diet' plan sounds awfully good! Sincerely, Mary
Very good read Herbert....You know I still eat the good stuff :)
this really is good, Herbert. outstanding humour and rhyme, and you kept metre consistent throughout. well done! Jake