Obinna And Nneka

The day comes that will burn like an oven,
So run for your life before it is too late.
The wicked will be troden down,
Like the vows we've made to each other;
So be on your guard always.

I did it ignorantly in unbelief,
You did it ignorantly in unbelief,
Speaking lies in hypocrisy;
But the lips of the righteous will teach many.

Some have ship wrecked the faith but,
I am keeping the faith with a clear conscience.
This a message to Obinna and Nneka,
I can still remember the vows that we made;
Like the land of Doctors,
Like the land of Nurses,
Like the land of Hospitals,
Like the land of Accidents;
Everybody want to go to heaven but,
Nobody want to die!
But without death, there is no heaven or hell for us.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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