They told me that I was meant for a smoother life
That you would be rough on me if I stayed
They said that you had the ability to harm me
That they could too understand your inflexible lifestyle
That you are full of surprises
That I would never know when the pain would appear
Always analyzing your rigid attitude
That it would be like this till death do us part
But I know better
I know about your bumpy edges
And I have seen your perfected slim figure in my dreams
I will make myself the ideal size for you if that is what you desire
If loving you means giving up my well rounded life, do be it.
Bring on the pain
I will repair myself and allow our opposites to attract
I’m used to shifting my shape and texture slowly and timely
But with you, I’d do it in a day
And I know that we are incongruous to one another
And our worlds are black and white
But in my dreams
You spin me slowly and gently
I always feel like I’m on a magical carousel
So, maybe someday soon
You’ll smooth out for me
And we’ll help each other
And when I am spinning around you not only in my dreams
Your smile will let me know you are truly there for me.

From: Object, Ring
To: Object, Branch

by Marisa Horn

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