LLL (30th October 1992 / Singapore)

Object Of Ridicule

The usual carping
The mocking in sarcasm
Like a lash, each senting a spasm of pain through me
Though, i just bore it in silence
To whom can I go for help
Either ignorance or sympathy

I closed my eyes
Struggling to marshal the expletive about to issue from my lips
I kept my face immobile
Trying to maintain a calm demeanor
All of them speak with such forthright authority
All of them cruel beyond belief

I closed the door
Hugged my arms tightly about myself
My eyes wide, darting under bedraggled hair
The froth of anger and violence shook me

'Am I really..'
It was a barely whisper that begged for no one's confirmation

by Low Li Ling Jasmine

Comments (1)

Words full of feeling. Cruealties by others can hurt as lashes on our skin, so true. But somewhere I read: nobody can hurt us without our consent. I thought about and deep in there is a giant truth. If people trying to hurt us. we can analyse what they say. Is there any truth in what they say. If yes, we learn fromit, if no we push the ignore button. SOme people have a real louse personality feeling the need to hurt others other time. They are the problem, not the one they try to hurt. Once we manage to see that they are the problem, it will be easy to ignore what they say and pity them for their personality problem rather than hate them... Wow, it seems like your poem has provoked a lot thoughts in me. Only good poems tend to do that.