AM (31/12/1992 / JINJA UGANDA)


I pen this
As stars are waxing to oblivion, consumed by moon's candor
Even as the sun's fury has the mists fading to steam
and blackest night tucks his victories in breastplate

light has fled the sight of the mortal
confusion holds reason's reigns in a firm grip
mouths work to form a scream that never quite makes it
vision haunted by sulfur and brimstone
stones gathered with invisible hand hurl themselves at the last remnants of human foam
and a stillness beyond death steals over the land

I pen this
Even as the flesh that composed the heart is ground beneath the soles of cunning and ambition
When clarity has been locked behind a million padlocks of self-indulgence
And freedom is an illusion best forgotten with folklore
Even as legends of love are cold ashes fading from bitter tongues

I pen this
When the icebox that shields my heart is now a glacial cruel mirror
A reminder of the impossible
A memoir of bridges burned along the way
And desperation for solitude reeks from my every breath.

by Anitah Muwanguzi

Comments (2)

A well conceived and expertly written piece, Anitah. Thanks
This is transparent enough to see the hidden message behind the write. Nicely penned...