Oblivion Part 3: First Massacre Of Claudia

She know how to fight
Come on trust me
I know
She sliced me to treads
Her name is Claudia
Claudia the Conqueriss
Sister to the dead soul
To some the war
The Grateful Soldier
To other
The Bitter Bitch
Claudia, the younger sister
Trapped in her legacy
Claudia, a beauty meant for war
She kills foes left and right
A body of an angel
A mind of the devil
Her eyes dyed red
With the blood she killed
Hair dyed red as well
With the same fountain
Such a young beauty
It’s a crying shame
That she fights
And does not get educated
First fight was against a Theo
Cut him in half
Second, me, Syriss,
No body remains
Third duel, a Cleo
She could not kill
A man with no soul
Body wanders senselessly
Beat her up
Left her to suffer
Days, weeks, months
Of wandering found
A sword in the ground
A beautiful sword
Fit for a beautiful girl
Claimed the sword
For her own
Swung the sword once
Screeching song played
Her mind corrupted
Due to screeches
Wandered to a city
Sword held high
Swung at dead air
Releasing the screech
People screaming at
The sound
Dead bodies fall to the

by Tommy D'Attore

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