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When i hear your name

it brings shivers down my spine

my small hairs stand up

an unexpected feeling i cant surpass

i end up craving it more and more

its you i cant control

my attraction towards you figuratively speaking

its like a magnet pulled by its source

you are my steel

my only love

my adoration, am i obsessed?

i think that's the word

its this incredible obsession that

continuously pokes my core

and alerts my soul when your presence is by the door

i dont want to fight it

i want you and much more

give me a sign

a sign of hope

that when you hear my name

it makes you smile

and when you see me

it drives you wild

and my touch sents more shivers

than when its cold in august

mutual attraction or maybe even obsession

is what we having

well in my head that's how its sounding.

Echoes of your name

keeps me sighing

i think you've noticed

because now you're smiling.

by melissa lora

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