Title: obodo
Didn't you imagined the truce
the vengeance plated with a scar
Life was made simple and quite
Men made it lousy
With their wealth and mockery
Our sons have been betrayed
Our native land in chaos
Smiling in a barbaric manner
Gluttoned like hungry folks
We voted with pride

Our blocks milks oil
As our rights made a cover up
Wealthing the cartel we sorrow
Where is the meaning of our freedom
Here enslaved by our sponsors
Blaming blames no excuses
The slave masters were better and simple
Here we see a set of mindless taboo pertronizers
Salvaging the essence of living
We are hungry

Gather off the arsenal of our anger
Provoked by the grief of our sight
When words fear more than courage
We hide like hungry chickens waiting for national cake
Never never never grey not the youths in decay
Brittle in the young brave
Parting through determination
Divorcing the contemplated evil
The loot holes in the ourgeria not Nigeria
We put up an amour of leverage
Life is coming to a full stop
For by here the imbecility has a technical acknoledgement of our fait
Fakes are in the house of assembly
Who are we?

by prince oranusi

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