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Obscured By Branches
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Obscured By Branches

It's where you want to be.
Holding hands,
Making happy faces with the clouds,
And whispering to the trees all around you.
Like nature we are.
Together embodied,
Like pieces of Walden forced into a box
And carried home by a small child.
Mind like paper; easily folded.
Our faces are the ones at ease,
Toward each other smiling; pleased.
Let our photographs never seem to cease.
As our hearts continue to wander; tease.
Our whispering words are those everyone should hear.
Let the world know.
We will start with logs
Move on to trees
And to the skies.
Everything between;
All is ours my modest one.
Under the sun,
Our psychedelic skies of wonder.
Between the purple trees of peace and love.
Our green weed fantasy makes us one.
Open the door and look inside...

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