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Obscured Vision
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

Obscured Vision

Poem By Helgard du Preez

Once I feared a languid daemon
Draped with a sullen piercing horn
I was dazzled till I faced the truth
When I saw a stranger’s hoof

I had to climb the highest peak
To get a glimpse for what I seek
What I saw was white as snow
Silky smooth with natures glow

Now my friend and not my foe
This is truth, now I know
I had a cloud that dimmed my vision
Spoiling me from a perfect fusion

I had a glint of a feathered wing
Transforming her into the most beautiful thing
It was when she had spread her wings
That she’d obtain the stature of a thousand kings

Her beauty is known throughout this land
Perfect being, just ‘so grand
A mere legend on Utopian soil
Rounded with a halcyon coil

I had to see her dance on the silver clouds
Or in the beauty of the southern veldts
Before she could gain a rewarding bard
And gallop straight into my heart

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