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Observance Of An Admirer

There stood her captivating beauty
Enticing my soul with charming eyes
As stood I watching her beatific smiles
Moving her way through my steady glance
With seductively attractive walk of hers.

With nature being so noticeably refined
Having a figure so cute but heart-melting
Looking so modest with pride non-observable
With an obvious beauty escaping notice non.

How lovely a thought in making her mine
But an approaching lies in convincing her
So here I stood watching her stroll
With plot in mind to activate a plan.

Though dangerous lies in making delay
And wrong move lies in making a haste
But different she looks like non-other
So moderate a girl and unpretentious.

With eyes so innocent, far more gentle
Giving such doubts of making a move
Though amiable she may but being quite shy
Maintaining not steady gaze at humble chat.

So on I thought and observed thus
Making up mind to let her be still
For being a maiden she must have been
And having not eyes for relationship such.

My hypothesis at least made on her
A detailed study of a pretty one such
Being quite impressed with discovery made
By such fixed observance of an admirer.

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