Observation Ii

Observation, Orion, sat, sea, vet, vets, Ben, boat, boats, boot;
With your works at hand to be seen by others in this town!
But, try to wake up from this negative world to know the truth.

Observation, boots, soot, sort, soon, vain, train, rain, strain, stain;
With twisted words in the churches to blindfold my people! !
However, it is right to know the truth.

Observation, brain, brains, trains, rest, nest, best, bean, beans;
Down to the river side in this village,
But, somebody dropped in the bomb to kill many! !

Observation, ear, era, are, tear, tears, tea, eat, ate, bait, sate;
Words of love and works of peace!
Bringing in the truth to satisfy the hearts of many;
For, Rome was not built in a day.

Observation, seta, vent, it, is, in, sin, tin, bin, bins, tins, bone;
Dancing with the tunes to expose your body! !
But, someone needs to tell you the truth about this muse.

Observation, bones, stone, tone, tones, one, roast, boast, vote;
Wherever and whatever with the muse of your songs! !
But, let this earth be filled with righteousness than evil.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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