Observation Iii

You got to twist with the music to expose your body!
And like a moving star performing in a church room;
But, the observation is yours.
Observation, ore, born, boon, soon, sit, sat, set, on, tore;
But, you have to think twice if it is in.

Stressed out because of the muse of your acts in this town;
With your notes;
But, you have to think twice if it is on.
Dock, lock!
Hearing the case;
Observation, bat, rat, tab, star, tar, rat, arts, rats, no, ion!
Blessed or, cured with the muse of life.

Do show your love;
Blessed or, cursed;
Standing by the well;
Observation, ions, ton, tons, not, sea, near, ear, era, are!
With the ways of one's life on this earth.

Illegal lust!
My heart cries out for you because,
You have made sin your bed.
Observation, tear, tears, vat, rate, base, ant, ants, bats, sore!
Like you acts in this town;
Yesterday night with the lady.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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