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Observation Point
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Observation Point

Standing on a hill,
Seeing far and wide,
Something travels through me,
Something deep inside.
Watching them progressing,
Getting to their goal,
Being part of the machinery,
Only what's mine is my soul.
Joining programmes,
Thinking collectively,
Acting accordingly,
Behaving respectfully.
We all have a purpose,
All have existance,
We all could submit,
Or show resistance.
Developing patterns,
Regarding routine,
Embracing the normal,
Shunning the obscene,
Keeping boats floating,
Keeping private worlds serene.
Running round in circles,
Climbing up the walls,
Waiting around anxiously,
Untill duty never calls.
Not thinking of our children,
Or what lies ahead,
Ignoring all the warnings,
Going out your head.

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Good effort Madeline.