Observed - Part Ii

He had booked them the hot air balloon,
as the blossoms of love sang a tune.
But they missed it, though just
and his love turned to frust,
she had slept in her bed until noon.

So he went to inspect now her house,
and through magic turned into a mouse.
As he crouched near the door
on her bedroom's cold floor
she was just slipping into her blouse.

And his heart did the giggle and skip
when the skirt was pulled up to her hip.
Well, her smooth and soft thigh
made him let out a cry
drowned out when she fastened the clip.

He was loaded with testosterone
and could feel it in every bone.
So, a quickly hatched plan
turned him back to a man
but it failed and he now was a clone.

She was ready to go when she saw
two grey mice, and she yelled for the law.
Then the pair grew four wings
and those small wiggly things
and they landed, headfirst in her bra.

It was logical that she would faint.
And much later when he had explained
that she should understand
and he asked for her hand.
But she knew that he wasn't a saint.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

I'm laughing out loud, Herbs! But honestly, of all the things to happen to the poor woman, flying mice...! Ya ha ha! See you at part 3!
Part II as requested so speedily, we now must await for Part III; to know, did she say yes? and, well, did she undress? or is that between he, she and thee? Fab H! An enchanting, comical, imaginative and of course masterfully penned second instalment..... t x