Observed - Part Iii

Well, the fellow was known as O'Hara.
And the beauty was loved as Sweet Tara.
Once he barged in the room
like a grouch of a groom
and he helped her apply her Mascara.

Though you people would want to know all
was he handsome and dark, even tall?
Well, I MUST be discreet
so, whenever they meet
I have strawberry shakes at the Mall.

I suggest that imagination
would confirm your consideration.
You can see in your head
what those two do in bed.
So just stand there and give an ovation.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Sweet write! I like the rhythm and flow of this one - just a great, enjoyable read! Linda
Another cute and saucy giggle! Well, you've lost nothing of your old form I see! Thanks for the laugh, Herbs.
The lady of the house was his name, and he cosmetic-d a lady so vain? I hope that in bed he wasn't blown off instead being gone with the wind, or insane..... Laughing at instalment III, you talented poet-to-order, you! Standing ovation indeed.... t x