He'd been thinking about a good line
as the evening began to decline.
But she smiled with a nod
and it doesn't seem odd
that today they are tasting good wine.

On the weekend there was a convention
it was fine and deserves a good mention.
He was eager to dine
and they did, drank some wine
then he asked for their date an extension.

When the moon went to bed it was late
they were standing, too close, near the gate.
Though he was pretty shy
with his polka dot tie
when they parted he whispered, 'please wait.'

For Barbara H. - California Beaujolais

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

Yes, this needs a part two. For part one, this is, as our Tara says, intriguing as well as gently humorous. Good to see you posting again, Herbs. Hope you are well. Love, Gina.
And I guess we have to wait for the next instalment....? An intriguing, finely composed limerick H. t x