Dedicated to my best friend HamHam, who gave me the idea with one line: I'll suffocate you with my toxic hugs.

I don't care if you don't need me,
I definitely need you.
I'll never, ever let you go,
That way you'll hold on too.

Don't run from me,
Or you'll force me to hurt you.
I'm only doing what's best for you.
(I'm best for you)

I'll suffocate you with my toxic hug.
I'll strangle you with my kisses of love.
You'll bleed to death,
But I know you're not hurt.
(You're just so happy that you're with me)

Don't run from me,
Or I'll have to hurt you.
You can't leave or I'll have to kill you....
And killing you would kill me too.

You may not want me,
But I want you.
And until the end (my love) ,
There's nothing you can do.

by Yami Tenshi

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