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Obsessed (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons)
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Obsessed (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons)

I'm gonna be a medium to call your boyfriend's spirit
You'll see the ectoplasm as soon as I fall into a trance
Don't be so scared, the only option is take it or leave it
To meet with him you might have a ghost of a chance

I know you wanna feel like you are recognized and missed
I'm positive that distances don't matter to the dead
You hope that you are held tight and tenderly kissed
The phantom of your former love looks menacing instead

Having a sick headache, I gotta activate my endorphins
A negative transformation follows, I feel like I'm possessed
I fight to the finish, yet the blame falls on the recessive genes
With your guy we're one, but on second thought, with fear I'm obsessed

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