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Love fades with a strict unturning will
on a mind set on turning back never
having experienced the tragedy of the heart
breaking sorrowfully like a world torn apart
in need of quick mending in awaited resolution
fit in putting together a departed fallen emotion
of love once held strictly in its entirety
having had a strong passion securely fixed
but love no more, a strict determination
standing steady length on stable grounds
for shattered emotions held this day
from a butterfly strongly appreciated in bliss
tearing apart the heart of a gentle soul
with unforgivings standing firm on broken mind
but within comes a penetration pushing forth
of a ceasing never love willing to part no more
locked in an infatuation maintained at birth
to later mature to an obsession fixed in mind
having not power to part with my angel no more
for love's unquenchable power, gotten me entrapped
emotionally entangled in an untwistable obsession.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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a lovely obsession Dowell..great poem