Poem Hunter
IH (October 1982 / Cardiff, Wales)


There it lies, staring at me
It holds my eyes still
Draining my hopes and feelings
There in its crystal oboed
It sends vibes to my head
It calls me, it leads me
For shares my soul and mind
I reach for its shapless body
I pour it into my mouth
It enters me like a parasite
Taking over, relieving me of control
It shares my blood stream, contaminating my mind
In anger i dropp the empty bottle

I thrive looking painfully for more
But it hides from me
Teasing my motabilism
It play games with my sight
As i become more paraletic
I stumble to the hard concrete floor
Not knowing where i am or what i'm doing

I swap my sanity for this alchol
Trapping my feelings inside the empty bottle
Obsession is what i am
Obsessed with that bottle
That holds my soul
The bottle that triggers my obsession

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