Obsession With A Smile

Poem By Richard Nguyen

Two years ago, in a deserted park out of town at night,
A young woman and I were caught by a winter rain storm by surprise.
The water quickly soaked and dripped down on the lighty dressed lady,
Sculpturing her into a Venus statue.
The weather was icy biting cold and the wind was not at all kind,
Piercing my three layers of clothes biting me deep into the spine.
Shaking like a fall leaf in agony, the lady was wavering at me for rescue,
As I rushed to her, she collapsed on me.
After a long mouth rescucitation, I saved her,
But her smile of appreciation drove me completely out of my mind.
The next day, early in the morning, my house, she came by
To return my coat with a beautifully browned apple pie.
The apple pie eventually became the apple of Adam and Eve,
One slice, spiced with her smile, drove me more than crazy....
As her marriage fell apart, she moved in with me.
Our love, though limited to kisses, was growing stronger and stronger....
Fortunately her husband came to my rescue,
He begged me to ask his wife to come back to his family.
I gladly obliged and she smiled, accepting my plea.
Everyone was finally happy but me when her smile was still smoldering in my heart.

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