Not eating right, sometimes not at all
lack of sleep has me up against the wall
losing weight, forgetting dates, my skin has got a pall
gotta kick this poetry schtick before my tongue begins to loll!

My eyes have got that glazed, perpetually amazed look
you'd think I'd never seen verse or a poetry book
true, this site is new to me and a raving kook I have become
please help me ditch this habit before I come undone!

Hi there, honey, sure, I know you - - you're my husband, what's his name
and yes, I understand that I'm off my usual game
but I'm on a bounteous isle in the Sea of Poetry, so don't you worry,
I'll be back and not a bit the worse - - just for now, go get lost and let me finish one last verse!


by Esther Leclerc

Comments (8)

You've hit the nail on the head with this one Esther. It is addictive, this poetry writing habit. But then to express our creativity is surely our life's purpose, so at least this addiction is a positive one without a hangover. Fine honest penning with the tongue firmly wedged in the cheek, I suspect. Love, Allie xxxxx
a very good poem...the feeling and the plight of a poet..i like this
....But the results are sure worth it! I'm enjoying your fine pieces.
If only we could just hang up our hang-ups, Im sure it is possible to try A great write, Love duncan
Hi Esther, I agree entirely, am definitely in danger of becoming another addict! A well composed piece indeed! Kind regards, Justine.
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