In The Sea Caves

In the sea caves
there's a thirst there's a love
there's an ecstasy
all hard like shells
you can hold them in your palm.

In the sea caves
for whole days I gazed into your eyes
and I didn't know you nor did you know me.

Untitled poem drawn from the Book of Exercises. All translations by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard

by Giorgos Seferis

Comments (8)

You've hit the nail on the head with this one Esther. It is addictive, this poetry writing habit. But then to express our creativity is surely our life's purpose, so at least this addiction is a positive one without a hangover. Fine honest penning with the tongue firmly wedged in the cheek, I suspect. Love, Allie xxxxx
a very good poem...the feeling and the plight of a poet..i like this
....But the results are sure worth it! I'm enjoying your fine pieces.
If only we could just hang up our hang-ups, Im sure it is possible to try A great write, Love duncan
Hi Esther, I agree entirely, am definitely in danger of becoming another addict! A well composed piece indeed! Kind regards, Justine.
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