Obsessive Desire

Your sensitive eyes
Could definitely summon me
From across a crowded room,
And I would make my way
To respond to any request.

If you merely thought my name
While I slept on another continent,
I would immediately awake
And begin my arduous journey
To return to you.

There is no logic to love
Or to your mesmerizing allure,
But one can only follow his heartbeats
Through the twisting streets
Of obsessive desire
Until dreams are realized
Or life expires.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (3)

Simply beautiful and amazing! I love the ideas in your poem! Elya Thorn
yes, love is just such a powerful thing.
Whew. I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes in disbelief. I swear that I like each poem better than the last (I'm on 101 of 154 right now) . My God, man! You are really good. Onward! lol S