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Obtuse View~

Insistent unworthy once confidant
Oh, apathetic descendent of harm
'Tis darkness being splashed upon your canvas
Unexpected brush strokes-are cause for much alarm;
Am i your sacrafical lamb being led to the slaughter?
In your indignant world of blood and gore?
Fainting willows of the grave yard, fear you &
Are swallowed up in the ebon' of your nevermore;
Much like a cancer you paint on and on-
With heavy brush strokes of utter disdain
You are the fraud- and the liar here
Oh, deliverer of compassionless pain;
Destroying what i hold most sacred
An opposite view of what 'tis really true
Ill articulator of driven pure anger and lust
In the shadows-the madman-'tis you;
Reckless and destructive ARE your ways
Coming to steal, destroy and kill
Are you, indeed, the Fallen Angel?
Unearthed to treacherously deliver your ill will?
Oh painter of all that 'tis a lie
Oh, 'covetous' artist of doom
Your apothecary 'tis as recognized today as yesterday
As 'tis the grief in this wailing room;
I am so tired of all of the falsehoods
I am so tired of sll of your chemical lace
Taking in your spiked waterfalls, no more
Instead i paint over your angry-evil face;

By, Theodora Onken

January 3,2013

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