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KS (Child of Eisenhower / The City of Brotherly Love)


i promenade through passages
of crusted, concrete memory
and revel in plasticity

the silent, satin shackle
that binds my heart absurdly;
ingratiates my privacy

our mutual psychoses
festooned in stately pageantry;
liberates my lethargy

in tilted shades of
symmetry...I relish

moments squandered
recklessly—void of
needed harmony

i lanquish—faded
intent on inane

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Comments (3)

This is exactly what I was saying, Ken. A wonderful use of craft here.
Ah, adjectives. Your choice of words is exemplary, an astonishing feat of poetry. Loved it. ~Josh
Yes Ken, we do this far to often. Far better to take a nice bubbly bath me thinks! Great poem, love the language, oh for an education like yours! Grinning at you with 10 from cheered up by your poem! I know! mad init? Tai