Occupied Paradox

A bobblehead is near two minty cars at expensive pizza,
To play on a dance between scattered taxis until Evan's barista,
Despite our explosive Bellinger: my Hispanic fruit, Oklahoma! ,
Like some palmer around the pope's choice of food in Roma
Often in silly meditation, to shove a mutant from mom's new couch
At a cracking kitchen so Q-tips relieve on gratis her pouch;
Thus dad sleeps on professional notes, Bush out of market
When thanking the limbless after this national flag burns a met,
Before I put your spot on the right. My globetrotting for
Wine to have sweet ice beyond 8 years, across German shore
To show strings on Vans through sentimental vibrations,
Far from translations
For tea during Elton John's love
Shown on an electrical tube for poor French actors, above
Terrorism beyond the metros to hurt the great Disney's
Missions. Let's see, I'm figurative about the Busy Bee's
Restaurant where Treasure Island sold old Mario, Duck Hunt
Thrown in the trash after a videogame store owner (as runt)
Lost control of morbid weight as he crashed a deadly motorcycle,
Although a coffeehouse within Ventura shows no Michael
In Terminator's voice- no Camarillo Dream, nothing
Of Esmerelda except hard data of sharks for a fascist king,
Easy antiques of sombreros by the rare Pac-Man
VHS where salsa drips from roasted mayo, grandma's fan
From parts of China where humans believe artistic ghosts
Shout in the new millennium however tougher than L.A.'s hosts
On premium standards to foreign McDonald's. I can dust
Three stars with crow's feet in a preemptive strike on a fair's lust
For cheap goldfish, which happen to be telegraphic
On cardinal streets against Eagle Scouts; I'm mortally sick,
Turning up with music criticism on the Irish fancy,
While mom in small drifts dreams in the visionary sea.
Pizza Hut is invisible in Dodger City, yet that blue
Statue shows a glove that disturbs Nathaniel and two
Drinks. (Shush preoccupants! Elysian Park
Goes well at night when I perform the Bamba to hear a lark.)
A song on heat propels in the meadows to a hidden fox
Behind a decorated shed to my Crayola collection box.
No! Neighbors aren't donating their strict politicians
Despite those old nachos which, in summary, correlations
I assume to show fast potatoes to be off the handle
With Knorr's condensed rice. Gamers on Mario
Kart pose as Hitler or Jesus to display one evil on their chart
Where this gaming lobby can't realize the hello
On land whirred from short candy, as much as we know
80's across the stands to crispy pastries
When the Golden Oldies beckon high radios to seize
The refreshed Denny's. Rhyming in a vicious cycle also
Curtails the mentioned peace on mountainous thunder low,
Under our moon's peeking eclipses
Toward Chicago's classic wings for a table's kisses.

by Alexander Julian

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