Occupying My Desires

For too long I have stayed comforted.
With just my own shadow,
Feeling a sense of safety!
And spared from charities of outreach campaigns.
You know the kind...
Those who find victims in self deprivating need.
Not understanding this as intentional affliction.

But of late,
I have desires to escape this net!
Place within and I have kept.
My emotions are recognizing a dependency.
A spark is seeking to be ignited.
And I wish to host this event meant,
I invite.

Is there anyone close to listen to this intention?
Anyone there to notice where I had been?
How do I begin on this journey of recovery?
How on Earth could I have been this distant?
Especially when my memories,
Never seem to leave me alone!
They are everywhere occupying my desires.
But why am I perceived to be absent and unavailable?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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i have wondered that but your perceived that way by your poems read some my friend you have a good heart