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Poem By Ivy Christou

I watch you wash your hands
for the tenth time today,
you look relieved
even though they bleed
and it must be painful.
People make fun of you,
I wouldn't worry,
they are mean as usual
but you cry for your impulses
which you can't change
just because you want to.

I see your frightened look
when some one simply shakes your hand
or when strangers accidentally touch you
and I know that after this,
you will wash your hands again,
with soap
and with tears.

I can hear the despair in your voice,
when you say 'I really don't want to differ'
but believe me,
at the end of the day
we are all different...

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Comments (4)

Im glad to see that some people understand this. A good place to visit is OCD action, its a UK help site. Cheers
Well said written Ivy.I used to be hypochondriac but regular therapy I ovecame it though it took a few years.Thank you Take care Roger
I know something of this dis-order and it can be so containing, this is written with so much respect for the sufferer, love duncan X
Good poem and the desperation that is felt by the person with the phobia shows through in the telling. One thing: I would say in the last stanza; instead of 'i really don't want to differ' the person should say: 'I really don't want to be different! ' Very observant and I like the sympathetic ending.