While sailing across the wide Indian Ocean,
My stomach queasy, from the rolling motion.
I took a stroll along the upper deck,
A scarf tied loosely around my neck
Looking out over the ever moving sea,
A strange emotion came over me.
What was I doing on this old boat?
It was a wonder that she was still afloat.
I leaned against an old wooden plank,
When all of a sudden my mind went blank.
I found myself floating three feet above my head,
What is this I asked myself am I now dead?
I rose high up into the cloudless sky,
Up and up it was ever so high.
Looking down I could see the small ship upon the sea,
I got frightened and returned promptly to me.
We sailed on to the Port of old Bombay,
Where I caught home an aeroplane I am happy to say.
I will no more sail upon an ocean,
For it fills my heart with strange emotion.

by Bernard Shaw

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