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Ocean, Emotions, Air, Love, Volcanos, You Erupt.

The ocean is a metaphor,
For emotions.
Not completely understood and drags you places without you even realizing you are moving.
So much is beneath the ocean surface, so much is beneath a smile.
No one really knows expect for those that live in it or live through it.
Ironically the ocean is salty; as are tears.
I know because throughout these years,
so many have fallen from my face.
I know how they taste.

Volcano’s are a simile.
For bubbling emotions kept inside.
There’s so much the eyes can never predict.
The lava boils, threatening to explode.
Anger, pain and hurt behind the harmless appearance of a smile.
Ash and soot, and burning lave behind the appearance of a mountain.
Signs are thrown here and there.
But you have to be looking, you have to know enough.
And when it all erupts, the town is devastated.
How could they be so blind?
I know because I’m running out of time.

Air is an imagery
Representing love.
Even though invisible it’s the best example.
To live you need it, you need that person.
No matter what you do you cant substitute it.
Oxygen masks and tanks, wont mean a thing.
If you fell in love with populated air.
Though imperfect, they couldn’t be better.
When the air is gone, the pain is great.
A pain you dug into you’re chest.
Though you cant really help it.
The lack of air, you blame yourself.
Maybe if we saved that tree,
Worked out that fight.
Everything would be normal, I’d be alright.
I know because ive loved, ive lost.

The universe is a hyperbole
Of the memories we’ll never forget.
Exaggerated because it lasts forever, like the relationship didn’t.
The memories stop somewhere.
You drag them on though, you replay them though.
Over and over again and come up with different combinations,
What went wrong, what could have went right.
It’s so dangerous to go into these suicidal memories, as is the universe.
Airless and so far away.
Memories loveless, and so unreachable.
I see them everyday.
I hear them everyday.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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