Ocean, Just Take Me Away

Take me away, high tide.
Let me get caught in between your beautiful waves
And your fancy foam with white clouds.

Set me free, blue sea water.
Let me swim out into eternity
And never let me come back for a lifetime.

Get me lost, rough, scratchy sand.
Let me dig my toes into you
And dream of the glorious days that are ahead of me.

Help me relax, seagull, smelly air.
Let me breathe in the air that you provide for me
And assist me in relaxation from all my dreadful worries.

Play me a song, both of you…water and air.
Let me listen to your peaceful music
And play it over and over in my head, forever, for all of my days.

I love you, water, air, and sand.
I love the way you play your songs that never end,
I love the way your wrap me up in all of my emotions and my feelings.
I love the way you touch me against my skin,
And I love the way you get me lost
From everything that is going on around me.

Ocean, just take me away for everything
You are my heaven and you are my love,
And you will always be apart of me as my soul.

by Maegan R. Carter

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