Ocean's Edge

There is a constant light over my head,
It seems as if the moon is stretching her
Arms out to comfort me
Each time I am lost.
There is delight in the air that hugs my skin;
I am covered with a warmth from
The beauty of the breeze
That carelessly sweeps itself
Down my paths.
There is an angel over my head,
I can almost feel the flapping of her wings
Playing music near my ears.
When night comes,
I am captivated with reflections of a prince,
On his way to take me away.
He will somehow climb up my tower
And shatter the glass windows,
Only to capture me from the thirst I have been
Suffering from,
Day after day.
There is a song that plays continuously,
With soft music that romances the wind
And secretly touches my hand
As daylight seem to fade
Into the edge of the ocean.

by Maria Kamy Abdool

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