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Ocean's Rose
AM (October 1,1993 / Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Ocean's Rose

Poem By Alex M.ller

The ocean's rose The ocean's rose
Is a sight
Is a sprite
Is a playful child
Dancing along the Dancing along the
Shore, Shore,
A lion's roar,
A squeaky door,
Making a sound, a
Difference somewhere, Change in the air,
A change in the air, A difference somewhere,

Pulling and tugging Pulling and tugging at
Your mind,
At your heart,
The feeling you get
When the ocean's waves
Scroll over your feet
Getting you wet.

The ocean's rose The ocean's rose is a
Memory of something
Long forgotten:
A seashell, a clam, a
Boot, nasty and rotten.
Better than a picture,
A souvenir for life,
From the early ages of
Childhood, to the Childhood, to the
Moment when you are
Laying on your deathbed,
And you hand it off to your
Children as you
See the light.
See the light.


And the memory lives And the memory
On. On.

**This poem is a two person poem. While one person reads the right column, the other person reads the left column, **

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Comments (2)

that was very beautiful i truly loved it..~hazel
Like a beautiful plainsong chant. I like the image of the ocean waves as a scroll, unfurling over someone's feet.