Ocean Shore Dream

Standing on the ocean shore
I look out across the vast water
Wondering what she might be doing
So far away but yet I can feel her in my heart

As the sun goes down
Giving way to the moon and stars
Taking a seat in the sand
Listening to the ocean thunder

Laying my head down in the sweet serene
Slowly drifting to sleep
Dreaming of her standing on the other shore
Gazing at her wondrous beauty

As the wind Shosh through her hair
I smell her sweet of perfume
And hear the whispers of her voice
In the air proclaiming her love

Marveling at her beauty, a single tear dropp on her cheek
As she blows me a sweet kiss
Taking a rose from her hair, kissing it then
Tossing it into the ocean

The dream fades away as she waves and smiles
Slowly I begin to awake
Sobbing a little knowing it was a dream
Not one that ill ever forget

As the tide rises I hear the roaring of a mighty wave
Quickly standing to witness the awesome power
The water crashing in then returns back to sea
Laying a single rose at my feet

by Glenn Brazier

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