Ocean Stones

Poem By Junior Pocoloco

Built from great constellations and long forgotten rivers
I give you my restless poems without regret.
Yes it’s true that I’ve been on the move lately
and have little time to talk.
What can I say
but that from this day forward,
I can only promise you vague dreams
and curious facts.
Yes, I keep moving, thats understood,
but please tell me something,
from which ocean did you arrive,
was it during summer?
or after a winters storm? Was the moon out that night?
My restless longing needs to know these things.
My thirst grows toward oblivion;
I need to feel the ocean move towards the shore.
I need to watch the stars so none go missing.
I need to keep learning about roses
and things until I know absolutely nothing at all. Really it’s true,
and it’s not my fault that I live without a compass
and that my love grows wildly in no particular direction.
Will you excuse me now, as I put distance
between you, me and this poem.

Comments about Ocean Stones

Junior, you were inspired beyond belief when you wrote Ocean Stones. It's beautifully written and intelligently so. If I am understanding this poem correctly: is the man like a 'rolling stone' not ready to commit? It appears as though he is a man of the world and has a thirst of knowledge from the prosaic to the most important things. Thank you for 'keeping it real'. Bravo! !
hi Junior, a beautiful display of fresh waves run down the page..great expression used to create such fantastic imagery, Thanks for sharing Jon
Mr. Pocoloco: Very well done. I particularly enjoyed the way you captured (probably the wrong word-let's say 'expressed' instead) a vagabond spirit and an interruptable soul. I suspect the internet is a natural environment for this persona, when one can start out reading about U.S. politics, link to an environmental page created in Denmark, and link again to an article about a new species discovered in a rain forest. In a mere five minutes, zoom from a senator from Illinois to the most remote part of the planet. Each link is an interruption, each 'puts distance' between us, and yet each closes gaps. Many thanks, G
Got a feeling of intense attention to detail combined with an aching need to move on. Love the sense of dilemma it gave me. thank you.
Another beauty. So many of these philosohical nature poems are so disconected, I doubt the writer knows what he / she is talking about, but you have a point and you make it with lovely language.

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