Ocean Weaps, The

Poem By Elbert Matt Loubser

When it rains the oceans sing
upon the vast drought of this land
the dry sands of this land
they weap for they lose unity

Long forgotten unity

O take the winds and let them howl
throuh the trees let them scowl
make these days dark with love
and light with hate

O imperseptible fate

I am not one to try
to make these days true
what is a lie if it isn't true
if it doesn' let you cry

O rains make me true

I am but a vastness
on and on I drown any traveller
this unknowing traveller
hearken me, bade forgiveness

I am not selfless
I am not selfless
these rains should fill my lungs
and drown me, bless
the other

Rains of fire burn me

Comments about Ocean Weaps, The

For one who's hardly twenty You've thoughts to say of plenty; Keep it on, Elbert Matt Loubser, An encore: Well done sir!
I really like this one Elbert - full of truthful contradictions that make one stop and think...nice one N.

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