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Oceanchild, Moonmaiden, Me
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Oceanchild, Moonmaiden, Me

She dwells in sun mellowed meadows,
When she could be living at shore-
Where effortless thirsty waves,
lap at the salty, sandy floor.

Her voice lemon-honeyed sweetened,
blended with spice scented trees-
Lilts in a hushed current:
becoming the sigh of a summer breeze.

Her eyes the color of prisms
Span soft across the sky-
Hair golden, glimmers of sunbeams-
Whispers from somewhere nearby.

Her skin the shade of ivory,
Soft as the snow covered land.
Elated by beauty of nature,
Possessed by no earthly man-

She is a Goddess to the Moon
And stars, and idol to the Sun.
She’s all the riches of the world-
A treasure to be won.

Easy compassion comes from deep within
She’s an animal-child born to wildness-

She chases rainbows through the heavens,
Just as quickly keeping company with
The porpoise and the whale.
She trims her canvas with feverish wind
Which makes for an effortless sail.

She is a song sung with an angel’s voice
That soothes the sea to sleep-
She is the richness of a prize,
People try to reap.

She is a bird, a thunder cloud,
A vein of lightenings flash,
She is the mornings flaxen dawn,
A child’s contagious laugh.

In summers midnight quest
She scales the stars in June,
To dance winsome and childlike
Beguiling the jealous moon.

Surrounded by flowers-
Attired in mist
She frolics with wild things-
She owns happiness.

She weaves a silken, golden web
And spreads it out to make a bed-
Inviting all that might be near,
To come, to rest, to join her there.

As children they play
In meadow and wood-
In splendor of greatness,
In glory of good.

Together, singing the songs they love best-
Knowing the ecstasy of those God has blessed.

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