Oceans Beauty. (A Haiku)

Under, oceans blue.
Fishes, swimming so deep down.
Wish I had, your view.

by Rebecca Navarre

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Vivid image and thought captured in a few words. Well written, Rebecca! I absolutely agree. There are two worlds: the one above water, and the one below.
Simply gorgeous write, wonderful new you!
Hi Becca, It is said, : All that are seen are beautiful; those unseen are most beautiful: : Your lines Under, oceans blue. Fishes, swimming so deep down. and not visible to naked eyes. But are very colourful and beautiful, as we have seen in the pictures. So it is just our wish: Wish I had, your view: It is the same case with our thoughts. The thoughts, dreams deep within our heart are more beautiful... great poem; quite picturesque.. a wonderful haiku.. A 100++ for this lovely one.
Concise and beautiful. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.
Once you get this girl started on writing haikus, there's just no stopping her! :) (Are you saying that you wish you were a fish?) Very pretty haiku! Nicely done!