SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Oceans Of My Mind

I sail the oceans of my mind, A journey into my past.
Searching for answers given long ago,
To find peace and tranquility at last.
I'm searching for words to guide me said by a man who loved me so, Words to guide me through troubled times, words whispered so long ago.

Like a beacon of light casting rays of hope over a darkened bay,
His love guides me through life, turning darkness into day.
Like the light that guides the ships safely home at last.
His love guides me safely, as I sail the oceans of my mind into my past.

My journey takes me back to my youth, when my dad and I would talk.
Words that now help me in life as we hand-in-hand would walk.
I'd tell dad my troubles, somehow he'd make them right.
We'd pray for Gods' guidance as he tucked me in at night.
What my father taught me was to trust in God above.
Peace and tranquility will be yours, if you believe in Gods' eternal love.

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