Oct.25 2007 12: 42 Am Pacific Standard Time

Poem By J. James Martinez

i embrace your death
with a mournful catching of breath

the razorwire net i lived above
knowing the fall would occur
wasn't there to ease or to soften

the stale old retreaded laughs
i cling to
seem to have run their course
their novelty and the simplistic charm
is now wearing thin

your hand always was
a soft touch in the wind
never a cement stone sharing the same glove

these lines are not rehearsed

they're not notes taken in class

words scribbled over pink streaks
from the god-side of the pencil

these are words from a low hung
short slice
slow bleeding being

when read they might not make sense
if you had a friend
who died a mid-twenties death
drowned by a 'weighty paper'

you probably still wouldn't get it

for her...

i embrace your death
with a mourning sighing of breath


Comments about Oct.25 2007 12: 42 Am Pacific Standard Time

ah may zing ... need i say more?
Josh, this is bitter sweet, and touched with a lot of love. Hey, i like the way you write too! This is a ten, my young friend! Theo

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